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About Us

Why use a self-serve dog wash? Interesting question, we had no idea what that answer was two years ago.

For that matter, we had never heard of them. And suddenly, Penny was being asked the question, where is the closest self-serve dog wash? The response, “What are you speaking about?”

Amy was a traveling nurse who traveled with her dog Emily. To her, it was an everyday question. When she arrived in a town that was one of the first questions she would ask.

After a few minutes on the Internet, Penny’s response was I’m sorry there aren’t any in town or for that matter in the entire county. Needless to say it was a long six months for Amy and her dog. Lots of sore backs and knees for Ashley. And Emily, well she disliked using that human bath tub. She missed her canine tub!

Soon Amy moved on to her next city. But, we still did not have a self-serve dog wash in town.

Both Penny and I had a history in dog sitting so we started to research the business. We became more and more intrigued.

After several months of bantering back and forth about the business, we started taking it very seriously. We wanted to create a self-serve dog wash. But How?

Research was our answer. We hit the Internet and read everything we could. Days off were filled with conversations, exchanging ideas of what we had come up with during the week. We created a list of existing self serves in Florida.

The majority were on the east coast. We created a four day tour. We visited one shop after another. We gathered information from anyone that would take the time to speak with us.
We went to the grooming pet conference in Atlanta. There we took classes and asked many questions. People were very willing to share information. We were all-consumed. Could we turn this into a reality? We took the knowledge that we had gained and formulated a plan.
Today, after many months of planning, we are The Wash n’ Wag, a self-serve dog wash and barkery.